Eleanor Roe

Singer Actor Dancer

Hi, I’m Eleanor Roe and I’m 15. I’ve been singing, acting and dancing in public since I was 7.

I passed my grade 8 singing exam with distinction at 14 and have just performed the role of White Wiccan in British Youth Music Theatre’s production of ‘Nightshade’ at the Bridewell Theatre in Central London.
I am a member of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain in the Training Choir and the Longborough Youth Opera Chorus (part of Longborough Festival Opera). In 2019 I played the role of Goddess Diana in their summer school production of ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’. I appeared in a professional production of ‘The Magic Flute’ in 2017 and took part in this summer’s production of ‘A cunning little vixen’ before joining the BYMT production.

I study acting with West End Theatre Director Jamie Chapman Dixon, singing with former opera singer Linda Gerrard and dancing with Stage Starz School of Performing Arts in Swindon.

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